Australian Prime Minister laughs off row over gay Nazi mind control

The Australian Prime Minister has laughed off a row over his party’s alliance with gay Nazi mind control conspiracy theorists.

Michelle Meyers, a Legislative Assembly candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party in Western Australia, made the news yesterday by claiming “Norwegian homosexuals” are behind a “mind control program” based on strategies “developed by the Soviets and then the Nazis”.

The candidate, pictured multiple times with party leader Pauline Hanson, claimed on social media that Nazi mind control is the reason why “even some Christians are being swayed by the gender industry’s pitch and push 4 same sex ‘marriage’ and acceptance of fake families”.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was challenged about the incident in Parliament today, as his Liberal Party has a preferential voting alliance with the right-wing One Nation in Western Australia.

Tony Burke of the Labor Party challenged: “My question is to the Prime Minister. I refer to his earlier answers, where he has defended his industry minister describing One Nation as ‘more sophisticated’.

“One Nation in Western Australia has now said the gay community across the world has developed a covert mind-control program to campaign for marriage equality, ‘using many of the strategies developed for the Soviets and then the Nazis’.

“Does the Prime Minister stand by his earlier answers? How long can the Turnbull government continue to make excuses for One Nation?”

The Prime Minister laughed off the row, declining to directly condemn the homophobic comments.

He said: “The Labor Party receives preferences from the Greens Party, which advocates legalising drugs of addiction. It advocates abandoning the US alliance. It advocates de-industrialising Australia. And I do not believe the Labor Party agrees with any of those policies.

“The fact of the matter is that in a preferential system, parties will reach preference deals in order to maximise their chances of success.

“The Labor Party has done that, and the coalition parties have done that, too.”

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam also raised the comments in Parliament, directing One Nation to “get in the sea”.

He said: “The Liberal Party have been lining up for week to endorse Senator Hanson as a more sophisticated and compliant individual than the version who self-destructed in the early 2000s.

“So wait until they hear about the candidate for Bateman, who is running on a platform of rescuing Christians from a ‘covert Nazi-inspired gay mind-control program’. I kid you not.

“While I am delighted to be the first person to get that phrase into Hansard, I am horrified that this is the party that [Premier of Western Australia Colin Barnett] thinks can refloat his sinking ship.

“We have different view.”

He added: “One Nation can get in the sea. We need something very different in their place.”

The gay Nazi mind control saga is only the latest in a string of homophobia scandals enveloping the One Nation Party.

Last month the party was forced to drop a local candidate in Queensland after she claimed gay people are “abnormal” and need medical treatment.

However, party leader Pauline Hanson stood by another candidate who linked gay people to paedophiles.