Anti-gay VP Mike Pence now lives in the gayest place in America

Mike Pence 'solidifying his base' at anti-LGBT event ahead of 2024 election

Anti-gay Vice President Mike Pence is now living in the gayest place in America, a study has confirmed.

Gallup released data this month breaking down the states with the largest population identifying as LGBT, based on polling from last year.

Head of the table with 8.6% of citizens identifying as LGBT is none other than the District of Columbia, home to Washington DC and new home of notoriously anti-gay VP Mike Pence.

DC beat out all 50 states, well ahead of the next-highest, Vermont, where 5.3% of people identify as LGBT.

Massachusetts (4.9%), California (4.9%), Oregon (4.9%) and Nevada (4.8%) round out the top five.

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The breakdown is only available on a state-wide scale, meaning that some of the popular gayborhoods in California and Florida are drowned out by less LGBT-dense rural areas.

On the other end of the scale South Dakota is at the bottom of the list with just 2% of people identifying as LGBT, while many other conservative states rank extremely low.

States including Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Tennessee and Mississippi, where anti-LGBT lawmakers are common and LGBT people may not feel safe to come out, are all near the bottom of the scale.

Gallup notes: “Regional changes over time in LGBT identification may be affected both by levels of LGBT acceptance and the demographic composition of regional populations.

“State and regional changes in the level of LGBT identification defy simple explanation.

“However, it does appear that variation among states and regions in population demographics, especially age, and LGBT social acceptance (or stigma) interact to affect the willingness of adults to identify as LGBT.”