French presidential favourite Emmanuel Macron says anti-marriage equality campaigners ‘humiliated’

French presidential favourite Emmanuel Macron has caused uproar with the country’s LGBT community.

The centrist candidate for the position made comments about marriage equality laws in a new interview over the weekend.

He surprised many when he claimed those who oppose equal marriage had been “humiliated” by the law.

He claimed they had been stigmatised by the way same-sex marriage was dealt with in France.

One of the “fundamental errors” of President Francois Hollande’s term was “to ignore a part of the country which has good reasons to live in resentment and sad passions”, Mr Macron told l’Obs.

He subsequently clarified his comments, saying he supports same-sex marriage.

Virginie Combe, spokeswoman for SOS Homophobia, accused Mr Macron of “going after voters” and said it was a “fundamental error” for him to sympathise with opponents of same-sex marriage.

Macron has spent the past fortnight being accused of having a gay affair himself, which he has laughed off

He now alleges Russia is attempting to interfere in the election by spreading the rumours of a gay affair.

Since the recent comments, polls have showed the gap between himself and right-wing candidate François Fillon narrowing, to now be neck and neck.

The men are vying for a spot in France’s two stage presidential election, with the two most voted for candidates going through to the second and final round.

Far right Marine Le Pen, who recently pledged to axe marriage equality, is expected to win the first round of voting by a clear margin.