Gay couple attacked by drunken man shouting ‘you live in Trump country now’

A gay couple in Florida were attacked by a drunken tourist who taunted them saying “you live in Trump country now”.

Kevin Seymour, 38, and Kevin Paul Taylor, 49, said that a drunk tourist followed them while hurling homophobic abuse at them.

The couple were on their bikes, while the tourist pursued them on a moped.

The man shouted a number of slurs at the couple, and according to the police report said: “I bet you f—–s voted for that b—- Hillary. Well, you live in Trump country now.”

Seymour warned the attacker that he would call 911 if he was to carry on with the abuse, to which the man said “if you do that, I’ll cut you up”.

The attacker then allegedly struck the rear of Seymour’s bike and knocked him to the ground.

Police were called to the scene at 1am on Thursday morning.

Taylor described the scene on Facebook.

“We were victims of a hate crime last night biking home from dinner,” he wrote. “He kept stopping in front of us and swerving into us.

“Finally Kevin got ahead of him and the guy charges him with his scooter and runs into him and knocks him off his bike. Kevin is okay.”

“I think the cops will be able to track him down,” Taylor wrote.