Paul O’Grady: Young gay men who try to get HIV insult the dead

TV presenter and comedian Paul O’Grady has lashed out at gay men who try to contract HIV.

The performer, 61, made the comments in a podcast interview with Attitude.

He recalled working as a drag queen during the 1980s and seeing many friends die from complications of AIDS.

O’Grady attacked a culture of chemsex parties which he labeled “boring”, and said so-called ‘poz parties’ are an insult to those who died during the AIDS crisis.

He said: “The younger generation, they see it [HIV] as a sort of older person’s problem.

“When you hear about these poz parties and ‘poz me up’ and all this. It makes me angry. Really angry.”

Asked why by interviewer Matt Cain, he said it’s an insult to those who fought the AIDS crisis.

“Because of what we fought for really, they’re just throwing back in our faces.

“I’d slap ’em round the gob if I was there, no problem.

“I’d get hold of them by the throat and smack ’em right round the mouth.

“You’re pissing on the graves of all my friends with that attitude.”

O’Grady has previously written about his own drug use, saying he once “ate drugs” to help his partner while at Bangkok airport.

O’Grady had been best friends with fellow legendary Liverpudlian performer Cilla Black, who he paid a hilarious tribute to at her funeral.