Death threat scrawled on high school’s gender neutral bathroom

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High school students have been left shocked after a death threat was scrawled on a gender neutral bathroom.

The violent message was scrawled on a wall of the toilets at a high school renowned for its LGBT friendly rules.

The message at Grant High School in Oregan, US, read: “The fagots (sic) who use this restroom are going to burn in hell. Your gay ass is gonna get shot.”

Stuents have spoken out at feeling unsafe and threatened since the graffiti was found.

“I am disgusted that a classmate of mine would write this,” student Callie Quinn-Ward posted on Facebook.

“How are other queer students and I supposed to go to class knowing that the person sitting by us may think that we would be better off dead?”

Now some LGBT students are even staying home, for fear of violent bahviour by the perpetrator, Finn Hawley-Blue, president of the school’s Queer Straight Alliance club said.

Principal Carol Campbell told The Oregonian: “We are investigating this internally, and we are meeting with any students who may feel threatened by this and re-assuring them that they are welcome at Grant”.

He has since ordered for the threat to be covered with paint since the incident.

The school has had gender neutral bathrooms since 2013, when it made national news for the bold step.

It’s due to have all bathrooms be neutral by the end of 2019.

The Trump administration recently reversed Obama’s trans bathroom rules.

Many have feared what it means for their right to use the bathroom appropriate to their gender identity.

A groundbreaking Supreme Court case on the issue got turned away from the Supreme Court, following the Trump decision.