George Michael didn’t get to have his dying wish with Paul McCartney

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Legendary performer George Michael didn’t get to fulfill his dying wish with one other legend.

The Wham! star had reportedly wanted the chance to duet again with Beetle’s star Paul McCartney, but died before they could make it happen.

Friends have said he was desperate to duet with McCartney, who he had also considered a friend.

One friend told the Mirror: “George was a massive fan of The Beatles and he loved Paul, they had worked together on lots of occasions and he had told friends he was desperate to work with him again.

“He completely admired Paul and before his death he had been in the studio a lot. He was constantly thinking about music and what he could do next.”

Michael had performed with McCartney once before, joining him on stafe at 2005’s Live 8 concert at London’s Hyde Park to perform Drive My Car.

They also did a duet on a new version of Heal the Pain, which appeared on an album in 2006.

When George died, Paul spoke out, saying: “George Michael’s sweet soul music will live on even after his sudden death.

“Having worked with him on a number of occasions, his great talent always shone through and his self deprecating sense of humour made the experience even more pleasurable.”

It comes after his Wham! bandmate and best friend, Andrew Ridgeley, was left furious at a TV documentary about George Michael’s final days.

The documentary, The Final Days of George Michael, aired on Channel Five in the UK.

Ridgeley slammed the TV network for airing the documentary before Michael had been buried, after the body was left for more than three months pending the coroner’s report.

He wrote on Twitter: “2 conceive such a sensationalist & mucky piece of voyeurism may be par 4 the course for u, the decision to air b4 GM’s funeral is insensitive, contemptuous & reprehensible. U might have the had decency 2 schedule post funeral & after a respectful period”.

George Michael didn’t get to have his dying wish with Paul McCartney

Other fans laid into the show, labelling it “disrespectful’, “trash” and even “homophobic”.

Former The Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie was featured in the show, despite being editor of the newspaper at a time when it printed constant homophobia.

Limited information is know about the star’s final days in truth, having been a very private man.

Tests confirmed that George Michael died from “natural causes”, despite months of tabloid speculation that he had died from drug related issues.

According to a coroner, his death was caused by dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver.

Since his death, dozens of people have opened up about the singer’s extraordinary generosity and anonymous philanthropy, donating millions to good causes without revealing his identity.