Gay fans are holding a George Michael party at his old ‘cruising ground’

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Gay fans of George Michael are set to host a major party in his honour.

The Wham! singer, who was buried last week, became well-known for his visits to Hampstead Heath in north London.

The spot is world-famous as a cruising ground, something he frequently joked about.

The party is set to fall around the 19th anniversary of his infamous arrest in an LA public bathroom.

Organised by the Camden LGBT Forum and Queer Tours of London, George Michael Wants You is intended as a tribute to the star and the sexual freedom he represented.

“George Michael was a Great British Gay Icon. Hugely talented and never afraid to knock out a tune, and much else too, in defiance of his and other people’s sexual freedom,” Alex Green, entertainer and organiser of the event said.

“It will be a celebration of how he took back control after a very nasty public outing and turned it into a celebration of sexuality and sexual freedoms,” Nell Andrew, organiser, Queer Tours of London said.

“We dance and sing and roll together and shout out, in the immortal words of George, ‘This Is My Culture!’”

Gay fans are holding a George Michael party at his old ‘cruising ground’

“Done with the sofa? Done with the hall? Done with societally enforced standards of sexuality which don’t conform with your reality?

“On 8th April 1998 in an LA public toilet, so was George Michael.

“So on this same day, bring your friends, learn the lyrics to Outside, wear whatever makes you feel fabulous and ‘Let’s Go Outside’.

“Rest In Power George Michael! See you in the bushes.”

Despite the inference, organisers insist the event is not intended as a sex party.

City of London authorities have given permission for the event, saying: “We’ve spoken to the organisers of the event to make them aware of our bylaws which place restrictions on amplification of music and other activities.”

The star was confirmed as having died from “natural causes”, despite months of tabloid speculation about drug abuse.

He spent 94 days unburied after investigations into his cause of death continued.

According to a coroner, the singer’s death was caused by dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver.

His burial plot, at Highgate Cemetry, by his home in north London, is to be next to his late mother.

Residents of the singer’s country home, in Goring, Oxfordshire, where he died, are also organising an event to remember the icon.

Their event will take place on what would have been Michael’s 54th birthday, 25 June.

David Wright, part of a The Bootleg Bee Gees tribute act, told Oxfordshire Guardian: “The George Michael Tribute Band formed specially to celebrate the music of the late, great George with a charity concert on what would have been his 54th birthday in his home village, at Goring Village Hall.

“You Have Been Loved: Celebrating the life & music of George Michael concert on Sunday 25 June at Goring Village Hall is now sold out!

“Many thanks to everyone who bought a ticket, we’ll celebrate the magic of George and raise money for Childline.

“As George would say, you’re all ‘AMAZING!’”

Since his death, dozens of people have opened up about the singer’s extraordinary generosity and anonymous philanthropy, donating millions to good causes without revealing his identity.