Happy Easter! Columnist claims Jesus ‘bled on the cross’ to turn gay people straight

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A right-wing pundit with ties to Senator Ted Cruz has claimed that Jesus “bled on the cross” to make sure that gay people become heterosexual.

Linda Harvey, the founder of anti-LGBT group Mission: America, made the extraordinary claim in a blog just days ahead of Easter.

Writing for far-right news site WorldNetDaily, Harvey claimed that “Jesus rose to save homosexual sinners”.

The gay ‘cure’ activist claimed: “Those who have homosexual attractions and gender confusion are reassured by the culture’s voices of influence (…) but the sinfulness doesn’t disappear with power and popularity.

“The reality of separation from God does not change, and no Supreme Court can stand in that gap.

“The good news is that Jesus can. He bled on the cross on Good Friday and rose on the third day to save those who repent and seek Him, the most serious sexual sinners as well as people conflicted over gender.
Happy Easter! Columnist claims Jesus ‘bled on the cross’ to turn gay people straight

“All it takes is a heart of repentance after a full recognition of God’s authority and truth.”

She adds: “In America, we Christians often don’t expect this faith to cost much.

“But anguish over your child’s choice of a homosexual or transgendered life, or whether to attend your sister’s ceremony attempting to unite her with another woman – these may throw you into inner turmoil and family conflict.

“We Christians must not affirm these grave sins. Here’s a sober truth gleaned from my wise pro-family colleagues as well as the mature believing ex-homosexuals I know: This rebellion is far more than sexual.

“To weave the spell of deception that takes a person into desiring someone of the same sex reaches beyond romantic and sexual fantasy.

“It’s a repudiation of God as Creator, of the heritage of parents, grandparents and all who came before.”

Harvey previously urged Trump’s new health secretary Tom Price to axe America’s HIV prevention schemes.

She wrote: “Will CDC continue to treat homosexual behaviour as a respectable identity instead of what it actually is – high-risk, unnecessary deviance that no one needs to engage in?

“The deeply insidious lies… begin with the destructive notion that there are separately constructed humans like L, G, B or T. Or that children should adopt such identities and the bizarre, self-destructive sexual activities that accompany them.

“Such child-endangerment must be rooted out of the HHS, the sooner the better.”

Republican Senator Ted Cruz previously said hs is “proud” to be backed by Linda Harvey.

Harvey claimed previously that people only become gay because of “child molestation” or due to “other traumatic childhood experiences in childhood to neglectful, disordered or abusive parents.”

On another occasion, she theorised of LGBT people: “Demonic deception may be active in the lives of these people and their advocates. Prayers are needed instead of lies.”

In her long history of disturbing and often extremist far-right rhetoric, the host has repeatedly linked homosexuality with paedophilia, claimed equal marriage will cause the apocalypse, denied that homophobic violence exists, claimed homeless gay youths only have themselves to blame, and accused Katy Perry of flirting with Satanism.