Pride in London launching live show to discuss LGBT issues

The organisers of London’s Pride parade are launching a weekly interactive discussion show to discuss LGBT issues.

Known as Pride in London LIVE, the weekly show will be broadcast live on the Pride in London Facebook page, starting tonight.

The series will cover topics including sexual health, LGBT+ families, mental health, being LGBT around the world and London’s LGBT+ community groups.

According to Pride in London, the aim is “to spark conversations and help bring people together in our community”, interviewing “key figures from the LGBT+ community as well as industry leaders will feature as guests drawing on their expertise”.

Viewers will be able to comment on the live stream and get their questions answered live by guest panelists.

Photo: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan lead the 2016 Pride March

The series will run for 12 weeks starting from Thursday 20 April with each episode broadcasting live on Facebook from 7:30pm for 20-30 minutes.

Episode 1 on Thursday 20 April from 7:30pm will discuss ‘Do We Still Need Pride?’ will be presented by ITN reporter, Minnie Stephenson and will feature the Co-founder of Stonewall Lord Cashman, Director of Development & Strategic Partnerships for Pride in London, Polly Shute and activist Bisi Alimi.

Pride in London are partnering with Compare The Cloud who are making the project possible with studio space and technical expertise.

Matthew Hemes, Senior Manager of Social Media at Pride in London said: “This is the first time we’ve ever been able to run a project on this scale, and the first time our community will have it’s own interactive, dedicated online show.

“We’re very excited about the series and hope it will sparks discussions in the LGBT+ community and beyond, and help address real issues and also aid understanding.

“Through Facebook Live we can create an open platform where conversations can be had freely, where our audience can ask questions, and we can give viewers direct access to some of the most prominent and influential LGBT+ figures. I’m really looking forward to working with Compare The Cloud to make this happen.”

Andrew McLean, Director of Compare The Cloud said: “LGBT rights are hugely important to us and we’re really excited to be partnering with Pride in London to produce a series of Facebook Live discussions.”

It was recently announced that the parade’s theme for this year will be “Love Happens Here.”

Pride in London is keen to emphasise the “hope, acceptance, activism and love” of the capital, while also shining a light on ongoing LGBT rights struggles.