UKIP candidate wants to end the LGBT community and ban sex education

The UK Independence Party is under pressure over a local candidate who wants to bring back public hangings and “doesn’t want any LGBT community”.

The claims come from Ms Gisela Allen, who is standing for the pro-Brexit party in May’s local elections in Glasgow.

The Clydebank Post revealed that Ms Allen has been locally distributing a leaflet which makes a string of bizarre personal policy pledges.

It says: “UKIP needs a representative and I’m a very good public speaker.

“Women with small children should stay at home and look after their own children. Nurseries shouldn’t get support.

“The whole school system needs to be overhauled. Every class should have a classroom and not get moved around.

“No sex education in school and I don’t want any LGBT community – it’s private life, none of anyone’s business.”

The bizarre leaflet also called for “the death penalty to be re-enacted” via public hanging or the guillotine.

Ms Allen also wants to introduce euthanasia for the elderly because “people are becoming far too old”. To this end, she also plans to abolish free bus passes for the elderly because “these people should be encouraged to walk.”

The local UKIP branch has insisted her comments were personal views and did not reflect the party line.

A UKIP councillor in Somerset claimed last month that the NHS is in a crisis because “too much” funding is given to LGBT services, leaving “other people feeling put out”.

Nigel Pearson, a councillor for Chard North in Somerset, made the sweeping statement in a leaflet that was distributed prior to local elections.

As well as pinning the blame of the NHS crisis on LGBT services, the leaflet said that the national shortage of NHS doctors was due to “too many women being hired” in an act of “positive discrimination”.

It reads: “Women take career breaks to have a family and tend to only work part time when they return to the surgery. How many female doctors are there in your surgery working 2 or 3 days a week?”

Pearson told Metro that he believes LGBT people and others will stand by the comments made in the leaflet.

He said: “I’m sure there are a number of LGBT people out there who are passionate about this, but there are other people who will feel put out and will want to know what this money was used for.”

New UKIP leader Paul Nuttall recently he insisted he has no problems with diversity because “my deputy is an open homosexual”.

Mr Nuttall previously called to ban people with HIV from the UK.

He said: “There are around 60 countries that currently bar people who are HIV-positive from entry, according to the United Nations, and we should follow suit.”

“The cost of treating someone with HIV in the UK is estimated at around £18,000 per year, although this does vary depending on the type and number of drugs taken and the stage of the infection.”

“We should introduce systems similar to those in Australia and Canada where long term admission is basically barred if migrants health conditions are considered a danger to public health or safety or would cause excessive demand on the health care system.”

Mr Nuttall has specifically courted the anti-LGBT vote, claiming  UKIP is the “natural home” for Catholic voters who are angry over same-sex marriage and other social reforms.

He insisted in 2015: “Twelve percent of Catholics have already indicated that they are going to vote, or have already voted, UKIP.

“On moral issues, we, more than any other political party, are more in line with Catholic thought. Whether it’s on gender-choice abortion or same-sex marriage, we are absolutely 100 percent behind the Catholic Church.”

Mr Nuttall has also attacked plans to challenge homophobia in schools.

Condemning a plan for LGBT-inclusive sex and relationship education, he said: “Children deserve their innocence, which is precious and already under attack from every direction. It needs to be protected not defiled by those tasked with their care.

“If [Labour’s] Tristram Hunt thinks this is a progressive move he is totally wrong and his justification that it will help tackle homophobic bullying is just politically correct nonsense.

“This proposal is just further evidence of how out of touch Labour is with the families they purport to represent and a very good reason not to vote for them.”

“Rather than helping tackle problems of domestic violence and rape in future years, as given as another woolly reason for introduction, it is going to confuse and worry these little children.”