Man yells ‘f***ing dyke’ before striking woman in homophobic attack

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A man has pleaded guilty to attacking and homophobically abusing a woman in the street.

William Westwater, 35, was standing next to his car – which was parked in a disabled spot – when his 28-year-old female victim saw him.

He was leaning into his car, shouting at his dog during the incident on March 4, according to Evening Times, a Glasgow news outlet.

Man yells ‘f***ing dyke’ before striking woman in homophobic attack

The woman was concerned about Westwater’s treatment of the animal, so she took out her mobile and filmed the tirade, which happened on a main street in Glasgow.

When he spotted this, he unleashed a stream of homophobic abuse at her.

“I’ll slap you across the street, you stupid f****** d**e,” he yelled at her.

He added: “I’ll take that phone and throw it across the road. Get to f***.”

Westwater then approached the woman, the court heard, and struck her.

This blow left the victim, who fled the scene shortly after, with a cut below her left eye.

Westwater pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening and abusive manner by shouting, swearing, uttering homophobic remarks, threatening his victim with violence and striking her.

Appearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court for his sentencing, Westwater was told by Sheriff Cameron to pay a £600 fine and give £250 compensation to his victim.

Over the weekend, a group of five lesbians in Portsmouth was set upon by more than 15 men in a homophobic beating which left some women missing teeth.

One victim said she feared she would die from the attack, another lost seven front teeth from a single punch, and a third had a fit after she was left bleeding.