Bill Nye mocked gay ‘cure’ therapy and now he’s getting online death threats

Science presenter Bill Nye is under fire from hardline Christians for mocking gay ‘conversion’ therapy.

The popular science educator and TV host, who is best known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, fronts new Netflix talk show Bill Nye Saves the World.

The show’s entire first season was put online this week – and a ton of hardline anti-LGBT Christians are upset with an episode that mocked ‘gay cure’ therapy.

In the episode ‘Sexual Spectrum’ (below), Nye explores sexuality – with one animated skit mocking the practice of attempting to cure ‘gay’ people.

The cartoon features different flavours of ice cream, with vanilla ice cream demanding that all other flavours of ice cream become vanilla too.

The Vanilla ice cream insists: “As Vanilla, I feel that I am the most natural of the ice creams, and therefore the rest of you should just go ahead and also be vanilla. It’s the one true flavour.”

Attempting to reassure the flamboyant Strawberry ice cream, Salted Caramel cuts in: “No one can stop make you being Strawberry, Strawberry. You’re Strawberry!”

But Vanilla insists: “I just think if you want to get right with the big ice cream in the sky, change your flavour by wishing to be vanilla.

“Everyone should pretend to be vanilla until they no longer have the urge not to be vanilla.”

At the end of the clip (below), Vanilla ice cream succumbs to his repressed urges, engaging in an ice cream orgy with the other flavours.

The clip has attracted a huge amount of anger from the far-right and anti-LGBT lobby, attracting more than 10,000 dislikes on YouTube.

Commenters attacked it as “blatant propaganda”, while some resorted to homophobic threats.

One wrote: “They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore! There is almost no euphemisms even. These degenerates need to go. Now.”

Another added: “I’m not sure if I have seen anything most disturbing than this shit. They now are making it look like is nothing, using cartoons and stuff in order to wash up the minds of the kids, this is embarrassing.”

Several of the comments on the clip included direct death threats aimed at Nye.

The show has come under heavy fire, with sickenly homophobic Christian ‘news’ website PJ Media claiming that Nye is “giving ISIS more reasons to hate us”.

The site vows to “push back against this cancerous message that vice is virtue”, claiming that another clip from the episode featuring Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom is “indoctrinating kids into gay sex”.

Meanwhile, alt-right news website Daily Caller claimed that Nye had “slammed Christians” with the ice cream clip.

Referring to the video including Bloom, the Daily Caller claims the clip “promotes transgenderism and other gender identities as hard science”.