This seventh grader responded perfectly to a ‘hate has no home here’ critic

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A seventh grade student from Virginia has responded perfectly to a man who anonymously complained about “hate has no home here” signs in their local area.

The man who criticised the signs, identified as Mr John Natale in the young boy’s response, reportedly wrote a letter criticising the sings to the local paper, the Winchester Star.

This seventh grader responded perfectly to a ‘hate has no home here’ critic

Natale apparently wrote a list of questions in the original letter, and so the seventh grader took it upon himself to “define his burning enquiries”.

The first question asked: “who are the haters that you, the sign owner, are referring to?”

To which the boy, who is between the age of 12 and 13, responds “bigots who are trying to take away protections for transgender students, deport refugees and build a very expensive wall to keep illegal immigrants out (which is completely pointless and not helping your cause but I digress).”

“What, or whose, do the haters hate?” is the next question tackled.

“Perfectly innocent human beings who happen to be different from the haters,” the boy answers.

As the questions progress, the boy who is known only as Luke, explains why the hatred in their community is directly impacting him.

“What is the evidence that there is significant hate in our community?” Natale asked.

“Me getting called homosexual slurs by students and adults alike,” Luke responds.

The final question asks how the sign bearers because the “Lord High Decider of Morality”, to which the student brilliantly said: “Never. We just put a lawn sign down. Calm down, dude.”

He wrapped his letter up by stressing that the signs were not “exclusively” about issues in Winchester, but also the whole of America.

“Mr. Natale, if you’re going to ask us to do you a favour and take the signs down, do humanity a favour and take your Trump signs down,” he quipped.

He finishes the letter telling Natale that if he thinks the signs exhibit “snowflake sensitivity” then he should “take a moment to think about how you are writing an angry letter to a newspaper about a lawn sign”.

The image of Luke’s letter was shared on Twitter, where people were under stably overjoyed.

“This is GREAT. Thanks for sharing. We need more smart, thoughtful, and well-spoken young people like this,” wrote one user.

Another added: “Says a lot about Trump supporters that they find signs denouncing hate to be a politically charged indictment of Trump”.

The response comes at a time when LGBT and activists fear for the future of their rights and protections as Trump is pressured into signing anti-LGBT bills.

He has already pledged to sign the First Amendment Defence Act, an anti-LGBT law that is currently being passed making its way through Congress.