Emmanuel Macron is a ‘gay psychopath,’ claims best-selling Russian newspaper

French president-elect Emmanuel Macron

The biggest-selling newspaper in Russia has called newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron a gay psychopath.

The article, published by Komsomolskaya Pravda – which has ties to the Kremlin – also profiles the centrist leader as “dangerous” and says French people “do not deserve democracy.”

Correspondent Daria Aslamova, who wrote the piece, says that Macron appearing topless on the cover of Garçon magazine means he’s gay, and continually whines about people supporting him.

And she criticises Macron for the completely unimportant fact that his wife is 24 years older than him and used to be his teacher.

Macron was elected to be France’s new president yesterday, beating anti-LGBT candidate Marine Le Pen by a margin of 66.1 percent to 33.9 percent.

“All newsstands from top to bottom are covered with prestigious magazines with pictures of Macron and his mummy-wife,” Aslamova writes.

She says this was “especially aimed at gays,” for some unknowable reason.

And she references a “very popular magazine with a half-naked handsome and expressive Macron signed in English: ‘coming out’” as proof of Macron’s sexuality, despite no-one else taking it that way.

On her travails around Paris, Aslamova casually throws in that she “went to the 18th black district, where I was offered cocaine and heroin five times by gay black guys.”

The relevance of this is not apparent.

The article then goes on to include psychological analysis by an Italian professor and psychiatrist, who provides no mention of having ever met Macron.

He states that Macron “perfectly meets the definition of a psychopath,” though hastens to add that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“The word ‘psychopath’ is not an insult,” he says, though he makes sure to emphasise that the “dangerous” new French President-elect “does not love France and will not fight for the French people.”

Last week, a columnist for the paper, Alisa Titko, went on a horrific anti-LGBT diatribe in a column about the English city of Manchester.

She wrote, shocked, that “in the evenings, gays and lesbians don’t hide away – they’re not just in private clubs, they’re out in the open. On the walls are posters of Batman kissing Superman.”

Titko added: “I often hear that gay couples should be treated with more tolerance (…) [but] how great that in Moscow there are no such streets.

“If gay Pride parades weren’t banned, all these naked men would be on [major Moscow street] the New Arbat.”