George Michael’s ex Kenny Goss says they had open relationship and shared sex stories

George Michael’s former boyfriend has revealed the couple were happily in an open relationship.

The singer had become known for his apparent fondness for sex with strangers, reportedly visiting Hampstead Heath, a park in north London, frequently.

Kenny Goss, his boyfriend for 15 years, says he never took issue with the visits as the couple had an open relationship.

In 2006 the Wham! star was caught cavorting in bushes with a portly van driver – but his boyfriend says the incident wasn’t a problem for their relationship.

George Michael and Kenny Goss

The art collector told The Sun: “People often ask me about that incident but it was just our life.

“The only thing George was worried about was that the bloke hadn’t been better looking!”

The Texan continued: “It was an open relationship. That is quite usual with gay couples. It was on both sides.

“But I don’t think I was as open as George.”

Goss says they would often exchange tales of their love life, with Michael sometimes sharing his sex tales in explicit detail.

He admitted: “George was honest with me, sometimes too honest. I would be like, ‘Enough, I know enough’.

“He would say, ‘I am going out to Hampstead Heath’. It was an open relationship but sometimes I really didn’t understand the issues with danger.

“I worried about him as the relationship went on and we were together longer. You worry about the people that you love and I loved George.”

Goss has spoken out about their relationship to raise awareness of the charitable foundation the pair set up together in 2007, The Goss-Michael Foundation.

Goss also opened up about his desperate attempts to kerb the singer’s drug use.

In The Sun, he said: “I would find drugs and flush everything down the toilet, thinking: ‘If I just get rid of it he won’t get more’.

“He was absent-minded, so would just think he’d lost them.”

Goss also opened up about Michael’s health – claiming he never believed he’d die young.

Speaking of his declining health, he said: “I don’t think George necessarily thought he’d die young, but every time I looked into his eyes I thought, ‘My God, I’m losing you, what is going on?’.

“When I confronted him, he never denied it, never apologised.

“He was hard on me about drinking, because I developed a problem.”

The singer was buried in Highgate Cemetery in north London in a small ceremony attended by close friends and family.

His most recent boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, was reportedly banned by from the wake, after the funeral service, by the star’s family.

George Michael’s ex Kenny Goss says they had open relationship and shared sex stories

The resting spot of the late legend, at Highgate cemetery in north London, will not be open to fans.

His burial plot is next to his late mother.

The grave is positioned in a private area of the London resting place, and will not be accessible to the general public.

A tall barrier was placed around the gravestone after the singer’s funeral service on March 29, blocking the space from view.

Since his death, dozens of people have opened up about the singer’s extraordinary generosity and anonymous philanthropy, donating millions to good causes without revealing his identity.