Piers Morgan goes on bizarre rant ridiculing non-binary people

Piers Morgan has ridiculed non-binary people and anyone else who doesn’t identify as a man or a woman in a rant today.

The Good Morning Britain host has had a bee in his bonnet about this issue since Sunday night, when Emma Watson received the first gender-neutral MTV Movie and TV Award.

After the actress picked up her trophy for Best Actor in a Movie for her role in Beauty and the Beast, Morgan grumpily complained that the existence of gender-neutral terms somehow eradicated his gender.

Emma Watson

“We can’t become men obviously,” he pouted – “we become persons.

“And everything becomes gender neutral.”

And he told anyone who opposed his point of view: “I’ve got a good doctor you can see.”

And this morning on the ITV show, he continued his crusade against people’s freedom to identify as gender-neutral.

He told journalist Harriet Minter, who hosts Badass Women’s Hour on TalkRADIO: “‘I’m going to call myself an Arsenal tragic gender.

“Can I do that? Do you respect my right to call myself an Arsenal tragic?

“Am I allowed to have my own category at award ceremonies, only for Arsenal tragics? Yes or no?”

Co-host Susanna Reid told him that “no-one’s gonna disagree” about him being ‘Arsenal tragic’ – while Milner struggled to answer Morgan’s barrage of questioning as he constantly spoke over her.

Strangely for someone who supports free speech, he interrupted Minter while she was telling him: “What we need to do is actually have a bigger conversation about that whole issue – ”

“No, we need to have less conversation about it,” he said huffily, before pointing out that Facebook has more than two genders available for users, which somehow affects him.

“It used to be 50; now it’s 71; in 10 years’ time it’ll be 25,000,” he said, outraged.

Facebook has offered its users at least 71 gender options since 2014.

Morgan also mentioned Facebook earlier in the show, when he told viewers: “I have four children.

“The idea that young people have to grow up not knowing they’re one of 71 genders is problematic.”

He did not expand on how children being able to understand themselves more deeply was problematic.

Kellie Maloney, who was also on the show, took Morgan’s side on the issue.

The boxing promoter, a trans activist who completed gender reassignment surgery in 2015, said about the concept of being gender-neutral: “It’s society gone mad really.

“We are all born a man or woman, that’s what’s on your birth certificate.”

She added: “You’re a man or a woman, whatever way you look at it.

“I was very happy when I got my new birth certificate, the right certificate.

“It put me in the category I thought I should be in. I wouldn’t want gender neutrality.”

Watch the full clip below: