Piers Morgan apologises for anti-gay article attacking EastEnders over ‘yuppie poofs’

Piers Morgan penned the article after EastEnders' first gay kiss

Piers Morgan once wrote an article decrying “yuppie poofs” on EastEnders.

The outspoken Good Morning Britain presenter and penguin enthusiast‘s past as a tabloid journalist has come back to haunt him this week in more ways than one.

A G2 profile of Stonewall co-founder and former EastEnders star Lord Cashman unearthed an article that a budding young P Morgan penned for The Sun in 1989 after the soap’s first same-sex kiss.

Piers Morgan hit out at ‘yuppie poofs’ on EastEnders.

In the piece, Morgan derided the characters Colin Russell and Guido Smith, played by Cashman and Nicholas Donovan, as “yuppie poofs”.

He wrote: “Furious MPs last night demanded a ban on EastEnders as the BBC soap showed two men kissing full on the lips. The homosexual love scene between yuppie poofs was screened in the early evening when millions of children were watching.”

The piece – naturally accompanied by a large photo of the kiss – quotes Tory MPs attacking the “revolting scene” and “perverted practices”.

Piers Morgan penned the article for The Sun in 1989

Piers Morgan penned the article for The Sun in 1989

It also notes that “homosexual actor” Michael Cashman “lives with his real-life boyfriend”.

The article then invites readers to vote on whether “TV should show scenes of men kissing each other.”

Morgan told PinkNews: “I’m ashamed of some of the inappropriate language I used in The Sun 30 years ago about gay stars. They were different times, but that’s no excuse – it was offensive, it was wrong, and I apologise for it.”

The former journalist highlighted a piece he wrote for The Telegraph in 2005, in which he admitted he was”rather ashamed” of his past writing about gay people, noting the EastEnders coverage and attempts to expose “whether male pop stars were gay or not”.

31 years on, he still won’t leave queer people alone.

More than three decades on, Morgan largely stays away from ranting about “yuppie poofs” – though he has found a new fixation for his interests in the form of genderfluid and non-binary people.

The TV presenter regularly uses his platform on Good Morning Britain to ridicule minorities – redeploying the one joke he knows ad nauseum to claim to identify as a “two-spirit penguin”, “trans-slender,” and “an Arsenal tragic gender”. Seriously, sing a new song Chiquitita.

Morgan has also claimed that the mere existence of non-binary people is “damaging to society”.

His archaic views were clearly too much for 92-year-old actor Dick Van Dyke, who stepped in to shut down one of Morgan’s tantrums.