Piers Morgan criticises Ariana Grande for not visiting Manchester attack victims

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Piers Morgan has condemned Ariana Grande for not visiting victims of the Manchester bombing.

The Good Morning Britain host once again stirred controversy by attacking the pop star, who said she was “broken” after Monday’s attack at her concert.

22 were killed in the terror attack, including gay fan Martyn Hett, 29, whose death prompted moving tributes from family members, friends and Mariah Carey.

manchester bombing

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Yesterday, the Queen visited hospitals in Manchester to comfort some of the 116 injured fans, many of whom are teenagers, and called the attack “dreadful” and “very wicked”.

Morgan reacted to this pleasant act of kindness by criticising a 23-year-old singer, commenting: “Might have been nice if Ariana Grande had stayed to do the same.”

The Side To Side singer indefinitely suspended her world tour following the terror attack, flying back to Florida to be with her family.

Morgan received a great deal of criticism for this position, with some calling for an apology and pointing out that Grande must have also been affected by the bombing.

However, he received support from BBC Radio 4 presenter Andrea Catherwood, who said: “I’m sure the injured would hugely appreciate a visit from Ariana Grande too.”

And, as per usual, he stood by his comment in the face of opposition, saying: “I think she should have stayed and visited victims. It was her show and they are her fans.”

He added: “If the Queen can visit the victims in hospital, so can the star they paid to see.”

To the point that the star was “probably traumatised,” Morgan responded: “Probably not as much as those killed and wounded.

“She should have stayed to visit her injured fans.”

He also said that were he a 23-year-old music sensation caught up in a deadly terror attack, “I can 100% guarantee you I would stay and visit those who had been killed or wounded watching me perform.”

Morgan told another person: “23 is not a child. Do me a bloody favour.”

Earlier this month, the talk show host was accused of being “bigoted and transphobic” by Stonewall after he attacked a non-binary trans couple and called non-binary children “a contagion”.

Morgan has a history of attacking female celebrities.

Two weeks ago, he accused Lady Gaga, Madonna, and the Kardashian family of playing the “victim card” for their own gain when it came to mental health.

And just yesterday, the presenter called pop star and activist Lily Allen a “ridiculous virtue-signalling, PC-crazed, attention-seeking, hate-stirring, deluded clown” during a Twitter row.