John Oliver loves this London attack survivor who pledged to drink gin and flirt with men

US chat show host John Oliver has found a new hero – in the form of a gay London Bridge survivor.

Oliver, who is originally from Britain, used the opening of his Sunday show Last Week Tonight to praise the stoic survivor.

Many US news outlets had been reporting that Londoners were “reeling” from Saturday’s attacks, claiming the city was under “siege”.

However the topical talk show host put an end to that – with the clip of a man who called for more gin and same-sex flirting in response to the terrorists.

John Oliver loves this London attack survivor who pledged to drink gin and flirt with men

Richard Angell, a 33-year-old working in politics, was having dinner with friends when he found himself “six metres” from one of the attackers.

Despite the horrifying scenes unfolding before him, Angell, who is a long-time LGBT rights campaigner, returned to the scene the next morning to pay for his meal.

Not only did he want to go back to the restaurant, but he had an amazing message of defiance for the attackers.

Angell told BBC News: “If me having a G&T in a nice bar, flirting with handsome men, upsets them – I’m going to do it more,” he said.

“I’ll be going back to the same restaurant to finish my meal, pay my bill and give then a double tip. They cared about us and our safety.”

Oliver labelled the comments an “incredible response”.

He added: “I sincerely hope that guy is out on the town tonight, pounding down gin and tonics, and flirting with every man he sees.

“To you sir, I say this: cheers!”

Seven people were killed in the attack, with 36 injured and 21 currently in a critical condition in hospital.

Angell, an LGBT rights campaigner and director of a left-leaning think tank, has now urged Londoners to not be cowed by the actions of the extremists.

Recalling the night’s terrifying events, he toldThe Mirror: “The waiter jammed his foot in the door to make sure it stayed closed, people were turning over tables and chairs to take cover,” he said.

“I looked up and there was this guy throwing an entire table at somebody. This heroic guy who saw what was happening and started bombarding these cowardly people with anything he could get his hands on.

“A guy walked from the restaurant next door holding his neck or chest, covered in blood.

“I was looking after a pregnant woman, she was my priority, she needed a seat and some water as we tried to piece together what was happening. We were clearly in the middle of something serious.

John Oliver loves this London attack survivor who pledged to drink gin and flirt with men

“Police turned up, we heard two shots go off, then more went off.

“After about 30 minutes they started to evacuate us.

“We saw as we left people had discarded belongings. Women’s shoes had been left where they had clearly been running.”