An author tried to use the London Bridge attack to celebrate white, straight men – and it epically backfired

In what must be the world’s worst take on the London Bridge terror attack, a man has decided to celebrate the sexuality of one of the people who bravely intervened.

On Friday two people were tragically killed and three others were injured when Usman Khan, a convicted terrorist, went on a stabbing rampage less than three years after the last terrorist attack on the bridge.

Peter Lloyd, author of “bloke bible” Stand By Your Manhood, tweeted a photo of an unknown member of the public who tackled Khan and removed his knife.

“Funny how people don’t mind straight, white men when they’re being TOTAL F**KING HEROES,” he wrote.

The man’s identity is still unknown so it’s not clear how Lloyd was able to confirm his sexuality.

The absurdity of his statement was quickly pointed out by Twitter users who dragged him in the comments, noting that his tweet actually says more about him than those he’s attempting to criticise.

Buzzfeed producer Sam Cleal wrote: “What a toxic and unnecessary way to take advantage of this story.”

And English rock band Reverend & The Makers simply summed it all up by saying: “Weird as fuck this tweet mate.”