Death threats sent to LGBT activists ahead of Ukraine Pride

Far-right activists burn the LGBT flag during the official opening of Kyiv Pride 2017

LGBT activists and organisers of Pride in Kyiv, Ukraine have been sent death threats ahead of the parade.

Gay Alliance Ukraine announced that they and those wishing to march in the parade had been threatened.

Hackers left death threats on Ukraine's LGBT website
A disturbing image and message were left on the website of Ukraine’s LGBT movement by hackers. (Photo from

A disturbing image and message were left on the website of Ukraine’s LGBT movement by hackers.

The picture, which has been photoshopped and is not real, shows activists being hung with guns held up to their heads.

The homophobic hackers wrote alongside the image: “The holding in Ukraine of various LGBT forums, marches, equality, [Kyiv Pride] and other activities of homosexuals will be for you a tragic mistake.

“No apparent support of the police will not help you. For us no problem to find each of you.

“All the necessary information about your organisers and leaders already there,” they added.

The march is due to take place today at 10 am.

Organisers expect over 5000 people will attend the event, which is held on Volodymyrska street.

Ukrainian nationalists are also trying to derail the parade by blocking the route.

Dozens of far-right protesters have blocked one off Volodymyrska street in Kyiv in an attempt to stop “The March of Equality” from going ahead.

Dressed in camouflage, the group are believed to be shouting homophobic chants and holding signs which depict violence against LGBT and racial minorities.

Authorities had strengthened security measures for the parade but it is unclear if they are attempting to clear the protesters out.

Last month two police officers were injured after a group of assailants disrupted a peaceful demonstration for LGBT rights.

A group of around 30 people, some covering their faces with balaclavas, stormed the demonstration.

They used obscene language and started throwing eggs and green dye at protesters.

Police tried to intervene but their actions resulted in a violent outburst from the assailants, who injured two officers and set fire to a rainbow flag.

Last year thousands of people attended Ukraine’s first major LGBT Pride event in Kyiv despite threats from the far-right.

LGBT events had previously been attempted in Ukraine but they often resulted in violent outbreaks.

In March 2016, an LGBT festival was cancelled when far-right groups surrounding the venue started chanting “kill, kill, kill”.