Yale University sues state of Connecticut over gender-neutral bathroom limitations

Yale University is suing the US state of Connecticut over limitations on the number of gender-neutral bathrooms it can have on campus.

The top university is the latest to weigh in on the debate around gender-neutral bathrooms and trans bathroom rights.

The school said it is unable to carry out a plan to designate all single-stall bathrooms on campus as gender-neutral.

cartoon of trans person choosing a bathroom

The state building code currently does not currently count gender-neutral bathrooms when it assesses public buildings and their facilities.

“The proposed shift in designation to gender neutral …. would facilitate quick access to a bathroom within the building for persons of all gender identities,” the Ivy League University said in the lawsuit.

If Yale carries out its plans to introduce the gender-neutral toilets, it would need to build more restrooms designated male or female.

The university argues that it is unnecessary to do so and impractical given the age of the buildings.

The lawsuit asks for a court order for Yale University to carry out its plan to introduce the gender-neutral bathrooms.

Retail giant Target earlier this year introduced an inclusive restroom and changing room policy, which allowed trans people to use the facilities of the gender they identified with.

Despite a petition signed by over a million people to boycott the store, the brand’s CEO refused to back down, saying it was the right decision.

A mother of 12 earlier in May, marched through a branch of the store with her family telling customers “the devil will rape their children” because of the chain’s trans inclusive bathroom policy.

But this mother shared a pretty important message on Facebook, which just so happens to tear down any argument in favour of anti-trans bathroom laws.

A cisgender woman shared her story saying she was disgusted by anti-trans laws and policies,after she was mistaken for trans and thrown out of a bathroom.