First out transgender soldier speaks out against ‘war-dodger’ Trump

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Retired army sergeant Shane Ortega, who was the first out transgender soldier in the United States military, has wasted no time in openly criticising Trump’s trans ban.

He called the President a “war-dodger” and slammed the President’s decision to ban transgender people from the armed forces.

Ortega, who served in the 25th Infantry Division, opened up in 2015 about being a trans soldier despite being banned.

“Trump is a man who is literally a war-dodger, who comes from a life of privilege and silver spoon, who has no connection to reality whatsoever, and I don’t know how much more the American public needs to see that,” Ortega told Mic.

President Trump


The President famously dodged the draft a number of times during the Vietnam War.

Trump tweeted yesterday that the military “cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.”

This would negate the 2016 ruling that transgender people can openly serve in the army.

Ortega has fought for the rights of trans people in the army since 2008, including co-founding a chapter of a nonprofit that supports transgender soldiers in active service.

“When you attack transgender military members you are attacking Americas war fighters. @POTUS once again shows his apathy for service”, Ortega added.

In an interview with MSNBC, Ortega said he thought this announcement was an act of deflection from Trump.

“This is a completely egotistical move on behalf of Donald Trump,” he said. “He’s trying to use them as pawns right now in order to invoke some sort of emotional reaction from the public to circumvent his own investigations that are going right now towards his impeachment.”

Ortega then urged the public to take a stand of behalf of trans soldiers.

“I’m entirely outraged and asking the American public to what degree and to what effort will you become outraged? What institution do we have to take where we take away the rights of these people who are literally sacrificing their very lives giving everything they have for you?”

Ortega later took to Instagram to say “there is no excuse to attack the fidelity of the American Soldier. Whose only crime (sometimes misguided) is to honor the people of this country. To serve them and embody something bigger than themselves. That love and sacrifice is not ordinary. It is rare.”

“It will not stand to be questioned by someone who is egotistical and unwilling to have any sense of empathy. Let alone a 5x draft-dodger.”

He continued “I am coming for you Donald. For you and your archaic ideology that threatens the freedoms of our constitution. The American people deserve to thrive in happiness. This fight is not over til the fat man sings.”

Many other people have spoken out against Trump’s statement including US Senator John McCain, and the first transgender Navy Seal.

Caitlin Jenner, a Republican who has previously spoken in support of Trump, objected to the ban tweeting “Well @realDonaldTrump, from one Republican to another, this is a disaster. You made a promise to protect the LGBTQ community. Call me.”