Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron receive vile abuse for celebrating LGBT victories

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and former Prime Minister David Cameron have been barraged with abuse after writing on PinkNews to celebrate LGBT victories.

Both Mr Corbyn and Mr Cameron wrote on PinkNews today to mark the 50th anniversary since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality.

The leader of the opposition wrote that there is much more to be done to tackle homophobia and other prejudices in British society.

And the former Prime Minister said we still have a long way to go both at home and abroad to reach LGBT equality.

They were joined by current Prime Minister Theresa May and former Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Sir John Major in writing for PinkNews on the historic anniversary.

But many replied to the posts by Mr Cameron and Mr Corbyn with abuse comparing gay people to paedophiles, blaming Muslims for anti-LGBT prejudice in the UK and even asking why straight, cisgender white men are not included in the LGBT+ acronym.

Many users blamed Muslims generally for anti-LGBT attitudes in the UK.

One refers to Muslims as “third world vermin”, and another says that homosexuality should still be illegal in 2017.

Facebook posts

A third accuses David Cameron of making the UK the “United Kingdom of Islam” and says that “all mayors are Muslim in your country”.

Another person says he feels he is part of an “ever diminishing minority” because he is a straight married man.

Facebook posts

On Twitter, various people compared gay people to paedophiles and said that once the “caliphate is complete”, Muslims will kill gays in the UK.


Despite the hateful comments, many congratulated the Prime Minister, former Prime Ministers and Jeremy Corbyn for speaking out on the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act 1967.