This Christian transgender 10-year-old on Good Morning Britain revelled in Piers Morgan’s absence

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A transgender 10-year-old activist has appeared on Good Morning Britain to explain how happy and well-supported her Christian parents have made her feel.

Piers Morgan, the GMB host who has abused a trans couple, said he hates genderfluid people and has ridiculed non-binary people, was conspicuously absent during the charming segment.

Instead, presenters Eamonn Holmes and Susanna Reid conducted an enlightening interview with Rebekah Bruesehoff and her parents Jamie and Reverend Christopher, who is a pastor in New Jersey.

gmb rebekah trans child youtube

Rebekah told the audience: “I always felt different, and I never liked fitting in one box or the other box.

“But it was about when I was eight when I learnt what the word transgender meant, and I started saying I was transgender.”

And she added that helping other trans people was an obviously positive step for her.

“When I do advocacy, the people who are trans and don’t have support from their families – their families get more of an idea about what being trans is.

“So their friends and families can be happier,” she explained.

Her dad, who leads the congregation at the Holy Counselor Lutheran Church in northern New Jersey, said the decision “wasn’t that hard”.

The Reverend said that when the families met doctors and other experts, “they were pretty clear that being trans, even at eight, was a perfectly legitimate thing, and something that if you wanted to support your kid, you wanted to learn about and accept.”

Rebekah’s mum, Jamie, added: “The statistics are pretty grim for trans kids who are not supported and living in their identity, and we didn’t want that for our child.”

Jamie said it had been wonderful to watch her child become her true self after seeing her battle with the issue for so long.

“We really saw Rebekah’s struggle in the process of coming to terms with her gender identity and trying to articulate that, because having that language is really hard for a child as young as eight.”

gmb rebekah trans child youtube

She continued: “The difference we saw in her from a struggling boy trying to figure out where she fit to really knowing who she is was just incredible.

“I mean, the light in her just exploded, and it has been a really joyful experience for not only us but for our community – family, friends and beyond.”

Jamie assured viewers that the changes Rebekah had gone through were not irreversible, adding that “people get really confused” about what kind of treatment young trans kids receive.

“We know that kids who are consistent, insistent and persistent usually stay that way, but if she were to change her mind, we would support her in that as well.

“As much as we expect that to be unlikely, she knows we would support her.”

And Rebekah said that she had also been supported by her friends – once they understood she was being serious.

“I told my closest friends at school – they didn’t believe me,” she recalled.

“But once my mum helped talk to their parents, they were fine with it, and they said: ‘Cool, whatever. You’re still my friend.’”

Watch the full interview below: