This brilliant tweet about homophobic family members has gone viral

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You know the feeling.

You’re sitting down to a family dinner, perhaps in honour of a holiday.

Everything’s going okay – maybe an uncle or grandparent has chimed in with a pro-Trump comment.

Infuriating, but to be expected. You were prepared for that.

Plus, your parents and siblings know you’re gay and are fine with it. You told them a while back, even if you haven’t told your whole family.

And that’s fine – until the conversation turns to LGBT rights.

You make a strong point, confident that you are well-informed and persuasive because of it.

But there’s that one relative.

That one person you regret being related to, who while you were making excellent argument after excellent argument, was thinking: how come they know so much? How come they care?

This tweet captures all of that with its setup: “When you’re at a family dinner defending gay rights & homophobic aunt Judy asks why you’re so passionate about gay rights if you’re straight”.

The following 30 seconds of awkward silence makes it.

Despite the tweet’s creator, jade, having only been on Twitter since June, the tweet has gone viral, attracting around 30,000 retweets and favourites.

The brilliant expressions come courtesy of Tana Mongeau, a 19-year-old YouTuber with more than 2.5 million subscribers, who ended up retweeting it – and, in a meta turn of events, this article too.

jade twitter
jade (Twitter)

When someone pointed out to jade today that her tweet had gone viral, she said: “I know right RIP”.

Maybe the self-professed mac ‘n’ cheese and horror enthusiast should take a leaf from Chicago teenager Ellisa’s book, after she came out to her homophobic family members over Instagram – and killed it, all while going viral.