Gay man pregnant with his husband’s child gives birth to an adorable baby boy

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A gay transgender man who was pregnant with his husband’s baby has given birth.

Trystan Reece, of Portland, Oregon, made headlines earlier this year with TV appearances talking about his pregnancy with Biff Chaplow.

Having already raised their niece and nephew together, the couple were able to conceive their own biological child.

Biff and Trystan's pregnancy pictures
Biff and Trystan’s pregnancy pictures (Facebook)

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And last month, Trystan gave birth, posting pictures and videos on Facebook with their new son, Leo Murray Chaplow.

“We are here, said Reese,” in an adorable post-birth video that you can watch below

“Little baby Leo is… 18 hours old or so, less than 24 hours for sure.

“This little guy was born yesterday at 8.22pm – 9lb 6oz after about 30 hours of labour, which Biff was supporting me through.”

Chaplow added: “He’s beautiful and healthy – and the next time someone tells you that men can’t have babies, show ’em this video.”

Reese had said earlier this year: “I think there are a lot of gay couples who would love to have their own biological child without intervention or assistance from other people.

“For me, I see it as a really amazing gift that I’ve been given. I get to live as a man, and I also get to do this really amazing thing that a lot of people would love to do.”

Explaining how the process was biologically possible, Reese said: “I had to stop taking testosterone – I talked to a medical team and made sure that was advisable.

Leo Murray Chaplow (Biff and I/Facebook)
Leo Murray Chaplow (Biff and I/Facebook)

“We know this seems unique to your viewers, but in our community, we actually know a few transgender men who have the ability to carry a child, and who have done so successfully.

“For us it’s not that groundbreaking. The doctors said, absolutely this is something you can do, there’s no reason you couldn’t have a happy, healthy pregnancy.”

After a miscarriage following their first attempt, Trystan became pregnant again and the couple had their child just over a fortnight ago.