This government minister ‘beat up a woman for saying he was gay’

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A government minister in South Africa is accused of beating up a woman who said he was gay.

Deputy Education Minister Mduduzi Manana was accused of assaulting the woman after an argument broke out at the Cubana nightclub in Johannesburg.

Police have said they are investigating the incident after a video leaked, apparently between Mr Manana and the victim’s brother.

Mr Manana has apologised for the “shameful incident” which took place in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Club Cubana

He says he was provoked, although admits that he “should have exercised restraint”.

In the leaked video, the man, who is believed to be Mr Manana, admits he slapped the woman after she “accused him of being gay”, reports the BBC.

Watch the video below:

He has since said the people with him were responsible for the majority of the violence.

A journalist from SABC, who witnessed the incident, said the victim was attempting to walk out of the club’s exist when she was hit.

Lumko Jimlongo told SABC: “She fell on the floor… then he proceeded to trample [her]… and his foot was on her head”.

The apology from Mr Manana extended “to the victim, her family… and all South Africans”.

He said he wanted to speak with the victim personally to “address the harm that has occurred”.

According to local media reports, the row broke out over who should succeed South African President Jacob Suma when he steps down in December.

The 22-year-old victim, however; says she was attacked unprovoked by Manana after she had been flirting with one of the men he was with.

“When [one of Manana’s friends called me over] I went over to find out what he wanted. All of a sudden‚ one of Mdu’s friends spilt beer on me‚” the woman told the South African Times.

She says the confrontation started and her sister pulled her out of the club.

“Mdu followed us out. He threw me on the bonnet of the car and hit me on the face‚” the woman, named as Mokhohlane, told the Times.

“He beat me up until outsiders came [and intervened]‚” she added.

“My aunt hit Mdu and he attacked her. She went into the car and he then threw bricks at the car. He was also bashing it with his hands.

“One of his bodyguards then took out a gun and fired two shots in the air. He didn’t point the gun at anyone. We were all shaken up and that is when the fight ended‚” she continued.

According to local reports, both the victim and the minister opened police cases against each other, but have both since closed the cases.