Fake dating profiles created for anti-same-sex marriage MPs

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Fake dating profiles are being created for Australian politicians who oppose same-sex marriage.

LGBT activists have been accused of pulling the stunt which has seen at least two prominent anti-LGBT politicians being mimicked on the apps.

Fake dating profiles created for anti-same-sex marriage MPs

Andrew Broad, the Nationals member for Mallee and George Christensen, the Federal member for Dawson, were both impersonated on Grindr and Tinder.

Broad’s imitated Tinder account described the politician as “relaxed and open-minded”.

It also described him as a “Canberra based guy” who is “self-employed”.

Christensen’s fake profile appeared on Grindr.

The office of Broad has reportedly contacted the platform in order to remove the fake profiles.

Broad has campaigned against the same-sex marriage, insisting that the only way it could possibly be passed is through a plebiscite.

He said: “The government that I am a part of and will remain a part of is conditional on the fact that the only way that there will be a change to the Marriage Act in this parliament is a plebiscite.”

The plebiscite has been criticised by LGBT campaigners because of the huge expense to tax payers and because it is not legally binding.

An attempt to re introduce the plebiscite bill to the Senate was voted down earlier this week after the majority Liberal Party held a meeting in which Senator Dean Smith tried but failed to introduce a Parlimanetary vote.

Christensen previously compared same-sex marriage equality to pro-gun laws in America.

The fake dating profiles come after a number of fake Facebook profiles of MPs were created earlier this year.

Politicians have been warned to be on the look out for fake profiles being created across all different social platforms.

A postal vote is now set to be held to determine the future of same-sex marriage in Australia.

Citizens have 14 days to register in order to take part in the ballot which could see same-sex marriage legalised before December.