Rylan and Daniel Clark-Neal’s son ‘comes out’ for LGBT equality

The son of TV presenter Daniel Clark-Neal has joined his dad and step-dad Rylan in support of LGBT equality.

The teenage son and stepson of This Morning co-hosts Daniel and Rylan, the first gay couple to anchor the daytime show, donned the pro-LGBT t-shirt on Twitter.

Former police office Daniel fathered Cameron in a previous relationship, with Rylan becoming step-dad after they wed.

Taking to Twitter, Clark-Neal wrote: “My son stands beside us in support of the #LGBT community. We all have a part to play, so #ComeOutForLGBT with us & @stonewalluk”

Husband Rylan also shared the post to his 1.4million followers.

The TV presenter and former X Factor star doesn’t have children of his own.

He previously opened up about wanting children of his own, telling The Sun: “I’m already a stepdad but, of course, I’d like to have kids.

“Since day one I’ve always wanted kids. I love babies.

“It’s always on the table, it’s just when the time is right.

“If I did have a baby, I’d be the sort to want a year off just to be a dad. There’s a lot that I’ve got to look at.”

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Stonewall’s ‘Come out for LGBT’ campaign calls for gay and straight allies to speak out in support of LGBT people and their rights.

Hate crime against gay and bisexual people in Britain has risen by a massive 78 per cent in the last four years.

The proportion of gay, lesbian and bisexual people who have experienced a hate crime rose from nine per cent in 2013 up to 16 per cent in 2017.

The new research by Stonewall based on YouGov polling of over 5,000 LGBT people has kicked off the group’s #ComeOutForLGBT campaign to encourage people to report hate crimes and show support.