Third gender lead recovery efforts in Mexican earthquake blast

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A town which bore the brunt of the Mexican earthquake is being brought to life by a third-gender named Muxes in the district.

The town of Juchitan was one of the hardest hit areas struck by the 8.1 magnitude earthquake, which claimed the lives of 96 people in the country.

But rather than the disaster efforts being led by the patriarchy, it is the Muxes that are playing a leading role in the salvaging the town in aftermath of the disaster, according to a Reuters report.



The group, who are born biologically male with a gay and/or feminine identity have led the battle to rescue relatives from the rubble.

“I carried my mother out as I left the house, and then my brother and I went to rescue my aunt who was trapped,” said 26-year-old Muxe Peregrina Vera to the news agency.

In the city, which is matriarchal, women and Muxes play the leading role in bringing economic prosperity to their community.

“Many say Juchitan is the ultimate matriarchy. It’s a city of women who fight, who work hard,” Santiago said.

“Now more than ever, we’re going to work to get back on our feet,” she said, just as a structure on her block loudly collapsed, causing a sudden stir as neighbors rushed to the spot.

“Yes, we have our husbands, and we don’t leave them behind. But we women matter more. We take decisions, more than the men do,” said Juchitan resident Margarita Lopez.

The name Muxe is derived from the Spanish word for woman, mujer.

Muxes have been thriving in the indigenous Zapotec community since the 1950s.