Trans woman beaten by three men in violent attack

Human rights

A transgender woman has been violently attacked by a group of three men in Seattle.

The woman was eating with a friend at the Rancho Bravo Tacos restaurant in Capitol Hill when the men began to harass her.


They misgendered her and called her abusive names.

They also filmed themselves taunting her and reportedly put the camera close to her face.

It’s believed she tried to push the camera away from her face and then the man holding it punched her.

The punch sparked all three to begin beating her in the restaurant.

They kept beating her until she pretended to pass out in an attempt to make them stop.

She was left with cuts on her face and a swollen and bloody eye.

The men fled in an SUV.

The police hate crime unit is investigating the incident but no CCTV footage caught the moment.

Police Officers

Police Officers (Getty Images)

The restaurant has addressed the attack in a statement posted on Facebook.

They explained that past policy meant that they did not monitor the dining area, but that they would be changing this in light of the attack.

They said: “We are a diverse group of people who genuinely care about the welfare of all our neighbours and customers.

“People have come to know us as a warm and inviting place, regardless of race, religion, orientation or gender.

“Capitol Hill itself is a vibrant example of self-expression and freedom and that is part of the reason we love being here to serve our neighbours. We never have and never will tolerate hateful and threatening speech or behaviour.”

The victim’s friend, Chris Ferrentino, was with her when it happened.

He said that it left her afraid to leave home.

“I just think they’re awful human beings and they need to be outed and caught for their disgusting behaviour.”