This is where you can find Britain’s largest penises

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If you’ve ever wondered the truth about men’s penis size, then a new survey might be able to help you.

Experts have investigated where in the UK has the largest penises – and the results might surprise you.

Scouring the country from London to Northern Ireland, International Andrology aimed to find out the size of the average penis.

According to the research, the UK average penis size is 6.36 inches.

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This is somewhat larger than global estimates, which suggest the average penis comes in at 4.8 inches in length.

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The people of Wales are said to have the very biggest penises.

The average length came in at a hefty 6.56 inches, while London ranked just behind at 6.51 inches.

Sadly, it was the East Midlands that limped in last place with an average of just over 6.11 inches.

The figures are still significantly higher than in other countries, though, so some men could have been exaggerating.

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Here are the full results of the poll (of 1,000 men) in full:

Wales: 6.56 inches

London: 6.51 inches

East Anglia: 6.47 inches

Scotland: 6.45 inches

North West: 6.41 inches

Northern Ireland: 6.31 inches

North East: 6.33 inches

Yorks & Humber: 6.29 inches

South East: 6.27 inches

West Midlands: 6.26 inches

South West: 6.23 inches

East Midlands: 6.11 inches

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