Family of George Michael’s first love furious at tell-all documentary

The family of George Michael’s first love are said to be furious at a new documentary.

George Michael: Freedom, which airs on Channel 4 was made by George himself and reveals the truth behind his first partner, Brazilian Anselmo Felecia.

Anselmo died of an Aids-related illness in 1993, while George was unable to tell the world.

But his surviving family are not happy at being included in the programme.

Speaking from the home of Anselmo’s mum Alice in Petrópolis, outside Rio, relative ­Germano Valente said: “The family aren’t interested in knowing about this documentary and they don’t support it.”

A source explained: “Since the documentary is so heavily focused on Anselmo they are upset that they have not been informed about it.”

In January, Anselmo’s mum Alice, 89, told how George was “like a son” and made secret visits to her home.

The singer’s family even called Alice hours before the world was told of his death on Christmas Day.

At the time, Alice said: “A friend who spoke Portuguese rang me. I thought George was next to her like he always used to be when she called. But she said, ‘It’s not good news’.

“I was very sad, it was a total shock. I still can’t believe he’s gone. I’ve lost all of my three sons.”

Wembley, UNITED KINGDOM: George Michael

Now George will pay a personal tribute to his former lover in the documentary, Freedom, set to focus on his life through the 1990s.

The pair met in a hotel lobby when they fell in love almost immediately.

A source who has seen the documentary, which airs around the re-release of the album Listen Without Prejudice on October 20, told The Mirror: “George speaks very movingly about Anselmo being the first love of his life and how important he was in his life.

“It is very emotional and he clearly never forgot him and left a huge ­impression on George.”

George Michael: Freedom will air on Channel 4 at 9pm on Monday 16 October./em>