Amazon exec resigns after ‘The Man In The High Castle’ producer accuses him of harrassment

Amazon Studios exec Roy Price has resigned after the executive producer of The Man In The High Castle has come forward and accused him of sexual harassment.

Price “is on a leave of absence, effective immediately,” according to Deadline after Is Hackett made the sexual allegations public.

Isa Hackett, who identifies as a lesbian and is married, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Price’s behaviour in 2015.

According to the producer, the big wig made remarks during Comic-Con in 2015, said to Hackett “you will love my dick” and “anal sex!” in a series of harassing remarks.

Although she reported it to the studio, an investigation commenced, but she was never notified of the outcome.



Speaking about coming forward, Hackett said she felt “inspired” by the other women who spoke out against Weinstein over the past week.

“I feel inspired by the other women who have been far braver than I am, who have come forward,” si She said one thing that can help change the “culture of harassment” in Hollywood is “an infusion of new and diverse leadership, not just including women but gay people, people of color, people with disabilities — people with the full spectrum of life experience.”

After the Weinstein allegations, more women have been encouraged to come forward about their assault stories.

Some have taken to Twitter to use the #MeToo hashtag to share their stories of assault.

Coined by activist Tarana Burke back in 1996, the hashtag has been brought into action once more as the allegations have surfaced.

Lila Feinberg, a TV writer and playwright, has cancelled her wedding to Price after she discovered the allegations.

Lawyer of both Weinstein and Price Lisa Bloom has stopped representing the men now that the allegations have come to light.