LGBT workplace survey reveals further problems for US workers

LGBT Americans are facing even more problems in the country as a recent survey has revealed the increased bullying of queer people in US workplaces.

According to the study, four out of ten LGBT workers feel bullied in work, which makes puts them at risk eleven points higher than the national average, according to CareerBuilder.

The comments, which those surveyed said came due to their appearance or presentation of gender, has seen a growth of collective workplace bullying, with 13% of the incidents listed coming from a group of offenders.

Out of those surveyed, 15% said they had called in sick after being bullied.

This is said to have surged since Trump’s election in 2016, who recently committed to speaking at an anti-LGBT hate group.

On top of this, the US marked itself as one of the 13 countries who voted against the banning of the death penalty for being LGBT in a UN mandate.

It has such a negative impact, not only to the LGBT person, which is a given. If you’re being bullied for who you are, it will impact how one feels safe in one’s workplace,” said David Kilmick, the CEO of The LGBT Network.

“But there are so many other people, non-LGBT folks, that don’t want to hear this,” Kilmnick said.

The non-profit has received 150 calls from concerned LGBT people who have been bullied, which is triple the amount prior to Trump’s appointment as President, according to CBS News.

The survey, released on GLAAD’s Spirit Day, seeks to raise awareness of the bullying LGBTQ people face.

Trump, who arguably makes himself look like a complete and utter buffoon, is easily mockable.

However, the real problem is that his fanaticism and incompetence is now putting the wellbeing and lives of the LGBT community at risk.

In the meantime, Kilmnick says that he hopes to train companies on inclusive LGBT workplaces.