Piers Morgan lashes out at ‘non binary brigade’: ‘Let boys be boys’

Piers Morgan has “proudly and unapologetically” come out as male in a column for the Mail in which he attacks parents who allow their children to self-identify their gender.

In not the first attack on trans and non-binary young people, Morgan wrote a column for the MailOnline titled: “For God’s sake let boys be boys, and girls be girls, and stop this charge to turn them all into ‘non-binary, gender fluid creatures of indeterminate sexuality.”

In it, he widely condemns the idea that transgender or non-binary young people can self-identify.



He writes: “I’m a man… There, I’ve said it. At the risk of offending the world’s increasing army of hypersensitive PC-crazed snowflakes, I am proudly and unapologetically identifying as a male.”

Morgan then moves on to criticise US Teen Vogue writer Emily Lindinfor a tweet she sent last night saying: “Here’s an unpopular opinion. I’m not actually at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations.”

Continuing, he hits out at Natasha Devon, a former mental health tsar for the government, who said she would not use gendered pronouns to address school students.

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She said: “I would never walk into a room in an all girls’ school and say girls or ladies because it would be patronising.”

Ms Devon goes on in her statement to explain that she does not like to remind students constantly of their gender and possible negative stereotypes that come with the binary genders male and female.

Morgan attacks Devon in the column, calling her statement “outrageous” and calling the idea “utter garbage”.

He appears to suggest that children, including his own, should only be referred to using gendered pronouns which correspond to the sex they were assigned at birth.

Adding: “Speaking as a father of four children – three boys and a girl – I’ll tell you what I think might just cause young kids more anxiety than being called ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ – and that is telling them they CAN’T be called ‘boys’ and ‘girls’.

“The simple reason is they were born boys and girls.”

Morgan goes on to say that by refraining from using gendered pronouns to address groups of students, would “[destroy] one of society’s strongest and until now, least contentious norms: i.e. that we’re all either male or female.”

He continues, appearing to reject the idea that trans young people may present as a gender which does not line up with their gender identity.

Piers Morgan gender neutral 16 may


“A girl ‘presenting’ as a girl is a girl and a boy ‘presenting’ as a boy is a boy.”

But Morgan insists that his belief “does not make me transphobic”, commending Caitlyn Jenner, who he interviewed, for her “extraordinary courage and determination”.

Apparently not understanding misogyny, gender pay gaps, transphobia and other prejudices, Morgan says he does not support the “creeping eradication of conventional gender altogether, as if somehow it is a bad thing.”

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He calls members of the “radical transgender community… loud and extreme” compared to the “non-radical community”, and says that this group is leading the “new gender war”.

Admitting that a campaign to allow young people to identify how they wish has been “undeniably successful”, Morgan also aims at Facebook for having more than 70 gender options.

The broadcaster and journalist adds that he “doesn’t mind if adults want to identify themselves as giraffes or parrots if it makes them happy.”

Piers Morgan with owl and fox

But he says he “does mind” when people are encouraged not to use binary pronouns in case it “may offend the gender fluid brigade”.

He also attacks the idea that a child as young as five could self-identify their gender.

Saying that it would cause “unease and discomfort”, Morgan says schools are beginning to allow “boys who identify as girls” use female bathrooms.

He also claims that the dictionary definiton of “gender” is “The state of being male or female,” drawing the conclusion: “Therefore we are all either boys or girls, men or women.”

Morgan then concludes that the statements made are “madness”, writing: “Let our boys be boys, and our girls be girls.”

This is not the first time Morgan has attacked trans and gender-non-conforming people, particularly young people.

On Good Morning Britain earlier this month, Morgan angrily lashed out children who want to play dress-up.


Previously, he asked non-binary guests Fox Fisher and Owl if he could identify as an elephant.

It echoes the sentiments expressed earlier this year on This Morning, by transphobic parents who asked: “Do we allow children to then come in [as animals] because they believe they’re an animal?”

School children


Morgan continued his latest angry-man-yelling-at-clouds routine by grumpily muttering: “No more boys, no more girls, no more mothers and no more fathers.”

Susanna Reid, his co-host, asked: “Are you feeling threatened?”

Piers said agreed that he was, and predicted: “We’re all going to be fluid.

“We’re all going to be giraffes.”

Piers Morgan

His hate of trans people has been building for a long time.

Earlier this year, hesparked outrage when he called gender fluid people “absurd”.

Also this month, Morgan received a much-needed education on how to be tolerant of non-binary people from Star Trek actor Sonequa Martin-Green.