Nazis target LGBT youth club saying ‘AIDS is a cure for faggotry’

PinkNews Exclusive
A youth club for LGBT people has been targeted with vile fascist propaganda.

Dundee LGBT Youth Centre, in Scotland, has had its windows covered with homophobic and serophobic messages.

Posters plastered to their front window read: “AIDS isn’t a disease / It’s a cure for faggotry / Hail AIDS!”

The posters come from a group called System Resistance Network, who describe themselves as “Nazi”.

The group’s website lists PDFs of posters that can be freely printed out, including one that reads, ‘Stop the faggots / Sexual degeneracy has no place in Britain”.

Nick Shane, an LGBT activist in the city, told PinkNews the posters appeared Thursday night and were swiftly removed by locals.

Mr Shane told PinkNews: “This is a method of cowardice, using the cover of darkness to put up black and white copies of child-like drawings and 40-year-old statements.

“The young people in Dundee who see this should know that they should never be afraid of morons like this.

“They live and breathe fear, using their own insecurities to live in a world of make-believe, or ‘Nazi-ism’.”

(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

The group, which is targeting young people in Dundee, writes on its website that gay people are either a “deformity”, a “mental illness” or a “fetish”.

According to the website – where they describe themselves “Nazi”, “National Socialist” and “fascist” – the group is “forming a network of likeminded individuals across the nation.”

So far their national framework has amassed 637 Twitter followers.

The offensive posters and flyers have also been stuck to billboards and lampposts around the town centre.

Other posters to appear in the town labelled refugees as ‘scum’.

Police Scotland said: “Over the past few days posters displaying racist and homophobic content have appeared at various locations throughout Dundee City Centre.

“Obviously, offensive material like this is completely unacceptable and distributing it is illegal.

“We know that the public in Dundee have been reacting with outrage and disgust, and that some of these posters have been removed by members of the public who have came across them.

“If you have done this and believe that we are unaware of where a poster has been or when it has appeared there, we would like you to let us know.

“We are investigating these events, and we would like to ask anyone who has information, to contact us on 101 or speak to any police officer. Also, information can be given anonymously through Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.”