Celebrity Big Brother’s Courtney and Andrew say ‘there’s no funny business’ but fans aren’t convinced

Courtney Act and Andrew Brady have spoken out about all the rumours about their growing friendship, but fans might need more convincing.

The pair, known as ‘Courtdrew’ on social media, have provoked a storm of questions about the amount of flirting happening between them on the Channel 5 show.

In a heartfelt conversation during Sunday night’s episode, the pair discussed the speculation about their relationship that had begun in and outside of the CBB house.

Shane – Courtney’s non-drag persona – and Andrew clarified to each other and the audience that they were just friends.

Shane said: “We’re just normal people having fun times. There’s no funny business going on.

“Why can’t a gay boy and a straight boy just be friends?”

(Photo: Channel 5)

Andrew then warmed hearts and taught a lesson to homophobes everywhere by telling Shane that even if they did fancy him, nothing would change in their friendship.

He said: “If you do fancy me, it doesn’t change how I feel about our friendship.

“It’s all good, you’re my boy and that’s it.”

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Later in the episode, Shane took to the show’s confession room where they said that their friendship with Andrew was ‘unconventional’ but confirmed that they were just friends.

We have a friendship that some on the outside may not understand,” they said.

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This was then slightly contradicted later by the pair roughhousing in an empty part of the CBB house, with Shane pulling down Andrew’s trousers and underwear.

The pair then moved to playfight on the sofa, where Big Brother had to step in to stop Shane destroying all the pillows.

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Hopes for a future relationship between the pair were remained high on social media after the episode, with many fans still hoping for a romantic relationship to bloom between the pair.

Many CBB viewers used memes to express their love of Andrew and Courtney’s relationship – in whatever form it takes.

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Another said that the extent they were invested in the reality show relationship was ‘unreal.’

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On Friday, Celebrity Big Brother viewers were left stunned after the straight-identifying Andrew kissed Shane, the non-drag alter ego of the RuPaul’s Drag Race star.

Andrew then admitted to having a crush on Courtney.

He said: “Yeah, I think so because Courtney’s only ever out when we’ve had a few drinks, Courtney looks even better.

“I’m not taking anything away from Shane, he’s a good looking lad, but when you’ve had a couple of drinks, you see Courtney and you’re like, ‘Wow.’”

(Photo: Channel 5)

This year’s season of the celebrity reality show has frequently made headlines for its discussion of gender norms and the inclusion- and eviction- of controversial trans broadcaster India Willoughby.

The Channel 5 show is expected to run until early February, with Courtney Act now the odds-on favourite to win.

Watch Shane/Courtney discuss their feelings towards Andrew below