Muslim radio host defends British Army’s recruitment campaign targeting gays

A Muslim radio host has defended a British Army recruitment campaign which targets gay people.

Maajid Nawaz took to his LBC show to defend the ‘This is Belonging 2018’ campaign by the Army.

The campaign includes answers to questions like “can I be gay and in the army” and “can I practice my faith in the army”.

Army, navy and RAF cadets march away after the Western Front Association's (WFA) annual service of remembrance on Armistice Day, at the Cenotaph in central London on November 11, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / CHRIS J RATCLIFFE (Photo credit should read CHRIS J RATCLIFFE/AFP/Getty Images)


Some have criticised the campaign, but Nawaz defended it.

One Twitter follower responded to a tweet from Nawaz to say: “We need trigger pulling people not emotional triggered people.”

Another said: “If a soldier needs mental support throughout basic training, I don’t think the battlefield is the right place for him/her !!”

While another follower defended the campaign, saying: “Surely gay people have more cause than most to oppose groups like ISIS.”

He said: “Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you’re weak” and asked how “how is it weak to have Muslims in the Armed Forces?”

“This is confusing me.”

According to Nawaz, the Army needs 82,000 recruits and is short by around 4,500.

The LBC host last year celebrated getting his first award, particularly as it was for his defence of LGBT+ rights.

Nawaz often uses his LBC show to challenge anti-LGBT views and fearlessly tackles controversial issues surrounding LGBT people.

He recently called on the Muslim community to understand why people in the LGBT+ community are angry at Islam.

Watch Nawaz slam the ten countries which still punish being gay with the death sentence:

In a heated segment of his show, he listed the ten countries that still punish homosexuality with death, pointing out that they “are all, without exception, Muslim majority countries.”

Maajid Nawaz on LBC

(Photo by LBC)

Nawaz more recently slammed parents who have threatened legal action against their children’s school for allowing a trans child to wear a dress in class and challenged a caller who insisted that homosexuality should be punished with stoning.