Celebrity Big Brother: Ann Widdecombe clashes with Courtney Act over talking about sexuality

Former MP and current frontrunner Ann Widdecombe has clashed with Courtney Act again, this time during a conversation about sexuality.

Saturday’s episode of the celebrity reality show involved a game for all housemates where each housemate had to complete sentences about their other housemates.

During the group activity, Courtney was asked to say what she liked about fellow housemate Wayne Sleep.

Courtney complimented him before moving on to talk about their shared sexualities as gay men.

As the pair started to talk about their ‘proclivities towards gentlemen’s company’ and how they were the only two gay men in the house, fellow housemate Ann Widdecombe began to roll her eyes.

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Courtney spotted the 70-year-old’s reaction, as Ann asked whether their conversation would continue to go on.

Courtney replied: “I’m sorry that we’re having emotion, Ann.

“I don’t mean this to be patronising at all Ann-”

Ann quickly interrupted: “Yes you do.”

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Courtney continued: “I mean this to be patronising, I do feel sorry in these situations because I know how wonderful it is to have these human connections to have love and affection.

“So often whenever we try and have these emotional moments, even kissing someone on the cheek you react in such a confronting way.”

One prominent example of this was seen earlier this week, after Ann Widdecombe called the playful relationship between Courtney and Andrew Brady disgusting.

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Other housemates then began to interject and move the conversation away from the brewing argument between the pair.

“Ann was the one who was rolling her eyes like a slot machine,” Courtney said before the conversation moved on.

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Reflecting on the conversation later with fellow housemate Malika, Courtney highlighted that her conversation with Wayne about being the only gay men in the house was important.

Courtney said of Ann’s eye-rolling: “Wayne and I for us as gay men who have been personally and historically mocked by heterosexualised society… what part of your heart is missing?”

Malika said: “I don’t think she’s a horrible person, I think she’s miserable. Misery loves company”.

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Later, Wayne and Courtney discussed Ann and her earlier reactions, as well as her perceived attitude to LGBT issues.

Courtney said that Ann had a history of rolling her eyes and scoffing at her in drag.

Courtney said: “She’s rolling her eyes at much more than just the immediate conversation.

“As much as that’s funny, that’s someone’s grandmother or their mother or someone’s parents disapproving of their gay child.”

Courtney puts Wayne into drag (Photo: Channel 5)

Wayne then asked how Ann had survived her three previous nominations.

He said: “She’s been up for nomination before, how did she get through?”

“Because the British public love a villain,” Courtney replied.

Speaking before the evictions, Ann admitted that she had a strong preference for Courtney /Shane to leave the house.

“I’m not in the business of wanting anyone to go. It would be a diminution of my humanity if I did,” Ann said in the Diary room.

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She continued: “If Shane J does go tonight, I would have been a lot less upset than I would have been a week ago.

“I never look forward to seeing Courtney. Courtney is a very brassy type of woman.”

Ann was then prompted by Big Brother to explain what she meant by ‘brassy’.

She replied: “I don’t think I need to expand on what I mean by brassy woman, she’s a chav.”

Ann is now the frontrunner to win the celebrity reality show, overtaking Courtney Act earlier this week.

Former housemate Andrew Brady hit out against a potential victory for the former MP after his eviction last night.

Watch Malika, Wayne and Courtney discuss Ann below