Super Bowl fans mistook a gay bar for a sports bar but they still had a fabulous night

A group of Eagles fans settled down in a gay bar in Minneapolis to watch the Super Bowl last night after mistaking it for a sports bar, but they still had an incredible time.

The group of fans did not have tickets to watch the game and so they decided to find a bar to watch it instead.


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They stumbled across The Eagle Bolt Bar, a downtown venue that many believed was an Eagles-themed bar.

A flood of Philly Eagles fans entered the bar, but native Mineeapoitans were bemused at their choice of a haunt.

“Eagles fans are mistaking @eagleBoltbar as a fan bar and I am DYING. It’s more of a Bears kinda place ya’ll,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Eagles fans here at @eagleBoltbar were drawn by the name,” another added.

As well as fans oh the Philadelphia team, fans of the opposing Patriots were also drawn to the bar.


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Owner Ed Hopkins said he was pleased the two groups of fans could drink and watch the game in harmony with each other – no matter if the venue was a gay bar or not.

“It assumes there is something wrong with realising you are in a gay bar,” he told GoMN. “The people in tonight enjoyed being in our place.”

“The Eagles fans were very rowdy and fun. We enjoyed having them in our establishment.

“The Super Bowl is supposed to bring everyone together that loves football. That is how the Eagle felt tonight.”

Hopkins added that it was rare in recent years for the bar to have customers during the Super Bowl because the regulars usually avoid downtown.

Coca-Cola took the opportunity to run an advert featuring a lesbian couple and a non-binary person during the sports game, which is one of the most watched worldwide with 100 million people tuning in.

The voiceover, which switches between different people as the camera does too, tells viewers: “There’s a Coke for he – and she – and her – and me – and them.”

On the “and them,” the ad shows a person with a rainbow-coloured collar smiling at the camera.

P!nk singing at the super Bowl 2018

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Later on, the ad shows a woman in a car, while the voiceover says: “We all have different looks.”

And then – panning across to another woman in the driver’s seat – the voiceover says: “And loves.”

P!nk performed at the event before Justin Timberlake, who headlined the multi-billion dollar event.