Exclusive: Vue Cinemas blocks screening of pro-gay ‘cure’ therapy documentary

PinkNews Exclusive
Vue International has dropped the screening of a gay ‘cure’ therapy documentary following a PinkNews investigation.

The Core Issues Trust, an evangelical Christian group which advocates for efforts to change sexual orientation, announced the screening on Tuesday (February 6) of Voices of the Silenced: Experts, Evidences and Ideologies.

The film, which its creators claim features 15 people who have “come out of homosexual practices” thanks to therapy or religion, was due to be shown tomorrow at the Vue Piccadilly Circus cinema in London.

(YouTube/Voices of the Silenced)

Nearly every medical body in the world has disavowed gay cure therapy.

The documentary, which compares the treatment of Christian gay ‘cure’ therapists with the plight of Jewish slaves in Roman times, was said to challenge the “myth… that people are born gay”.

But the day after the article which revealed the screening was set to take place, Vue told PinkNews that “we are not screening the documentary referenced and neither are we hosting a private screening for the charity referenced.”

Email sent to PinkNews

When called for clarification, Lucy Northmore, the group PR manager for Vue International, said: “The way we work is basically that all event bookings come through and get booked regardless, and then when we get the full content and review.

“We can make the decision at any time.”

The film was due to be shown at the central London venue up until Tuesday (February 6), she said, when the decision was taken to drop the screening.

The booking was made in November, she said, and “we received the content on the January 22.”

The Core Issues Trust was informed today, she added.

Northmore rejected the idea that the event was cancelled because of PinkNews’ story on Tuesday (February 6).

“To assume that it was reviewed in reaction to the story is incorrect.

“They booked in November. The client was notified this morning and the decision was made yesterday.”

Prominent politicians have condemned the documentary and the now-ditched plan to screen it at the Vue cinema.

Lord Black of Brentwood told PinkNews: “It is appalling that propaganda for so-called ‘gay conversion therapy’ should be being screened here in London.

“This wicked practice has been almost universally disavowed by the medical profession and is now rightly illegal in many countries.

“It should be here too – and the screening of this hateful film, fuelling homophobia and prejudice, adds to that overwhelming case.”

In a statement to PinkNews, Baroness Barker also spoke out against the documentary.

“The giveaway is the word ideology,” she said.

“People who preach gay conversion therapy are zealots who are prepared to cause great harm to LGBT people in order to perpetuate their warped view of the world.

“Happy, healthy societies should send them packing.”

Core Issues Trust chief executive Mike Davidson, who made headlines when he appeared on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan to advocate for gay ‘cure’ therapy, told PinkNews that his organisation was considering legal action against Vue.

“It’s with [our] lawyers.

“They’re saying it’s been cancelled, or whatever their wording is. They have to take into the account the 126 people who have made arrangements.”

He said that “a contract was signed,” and blamed PinkNews for the film screening being dropped by Vue.

“They have had the material for weeks, and it’s only because of your own story that they’ve raised this,” he said.

“It’s concerning that only one side of an argument is allowed to be heard in modern-day Britain.”

Vue has denied any breach of contract.