These adoptive dads saved an abused boy from his home and now his life is perfect

A 12-year-old boy who was adopted by a gay couple has spoken about how his dads have given him the “perfect” life.

The young boy, whose identity has been kept anonymous, was saved from his home as a toddler after it was discovered that he was being neglected.

Officers found him locked in a room in poor conditions, and he was immediately put into foster care.

Eventually, he was adopted by his gay dads – who have also remained anonymous.

The now 12-year-old had since spoken to the East Anglian Daily Times about what it means to him to have two dads.

He explained that he remembered being anxious as his whole life had been thrown up into the air, but his new home helped him to settle in quickly and he began to return to a normal life.

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The boy’s adopted dads added that they were concerned before meeting their new son as they did not know how he would be accepted in school as having gay parents.

However, they quickly came to realise that people’s perceptions did not matter because they found happiness with each other.

“Adoption is a wonderful journey and needs to be shared by so many more people.

“People say we changed Thomas’s life but he has changed our world.

“We were just a couple and now, through adoption, we are a family and he has given us purpose,” they said.