Guy who had sex with dolphin insists he’s not gay, only wants to f**k female animals

A man who is famous for having sex with a dolphin would like you to know he is heterosexual.

Malcolm J. Brenner made the headlines when he went public with his account of having sex with a dolphin in the 1970s.

Brenner claims that he “fell in love” with dolphin Dolly at the now-defunct theme park Floridaland, beginning a “consensual” sexual relationship with her.

In an interview with Huffington Post this week, Brenner – an active supporter of the zoophile movement – clarified that he is not attracted to male animals.

He said: “I wouldn’t be sexually attracted to male dolphins. As an adult, I’m heterosexual, although I cross species lines.

“As a teenager, as I wrote about in my memoir, there was a time in my life where I was jerking off to the family dog, a male poodle. But it wasn’t because I was gay.

“It was because his excitement got me very excited, and I found it pleasurable for both of us. If the female poodle had been as responsive as he was, I probably would have been boinking her.”

Brenner also reiterated his hope that interspecies sex would soon be accepted.

He added: “I would like to think that society will become less religious, because the prohibitions in Leviticus are the only conceivable basis for any laws against bestiality.

“I can’t see that my boffing my dog has any effect on society, good or ill, as long as I’m not hurting her or abusing her.

“Laws against animal cruelty ought to be sufficient without criminalizing the act of interspecies sex, which organizations like PETA are trying to do.”

A Christian pundit recently claimed that the US military now embraces paedophilia and bestiality – after lifting the ban on gay troops.

Right-wing Christian pundit David Barton claimed that due to the changes, paedophiles are welcome in the military.

Speaking to listed hate group the Family Research Council, he said: “There’s 82 official gender identities now and they all have equal status and protection here, so we’re talking paedophiles.

“If you’re a military member and you have an inclination for young children, you can’t be kicked out of the military for that anymore because that is your gender identity.

“If you are into having sex with animals, bestiality, that is one of the 82 gender identities, you cannot be kicked out for your lack of judgment and your very perverse taste on that.”