Man told Pride goers he had a bomb and hurled anti-LGBT abuse jailed for 17 months

A man who threatened Pride goers with a hoax bomb and shouted anti-LGBT abuse at them has been sentenced to 17 months in jail.

Jesus Christianity was on a train going towards Cardiff when the city was holding it’s Pride event on August 26 last year.

The 34-year-old reportedly became agitated at the crowds and starting shouting anti-LGBT abuse.

He told Pride goers that “Jesus said it was Adam and Eve. Not Eve and Eve or Adam and Adam”.

He also called LGBTQ+ people “disgusting” amongst other insults and passages from the Bible.

Witnesses on the train decided to phone the police on Christianity after he stated: “I’ve got a bomb in my backpack”.

The hoax bomb was non-existent, and when police arrested the man he was found only with a toy gun.

Christianity, who does not have a fixed address, has been apprehended for 33 previous offences including common assault, wounding, damage and dishonesty.

He was tried for a second crime that he committed while on bail for the bomb hoax.

He was, at the time, living in Glebe Street and the flat above his was having building work done.

The man became “irritated” by the noise and told the workers that “he was going to burn down the house”.

Appearing in court via a video stream from the medical wing of HM Cardiff Prison, he insisted that he is “not a terrorist”.

His lawyer tried to argue that he had suffered a “psychotic” break at the time.

However, psychiatrists have not agreed on this.

Christianity has pleaded guilty to communicating false information with intent and making a threat to cause criminal damage with intent.

Judge Neil Bidder QC said that his behaviour “puts a strain on already stretched police resources” and said it should be considered a “serious matter”.

He has sentenced Christianity to a 17-month stint.