Adam Rippon has responded to the drag queen Elsa who rescued a snowed-in police van

Olympic hero Adam Rippon has heard drag queen Elsa’s call, and responded.

Earlier this week, a drag queen dressed as the ice queen from Disney’s Frozen helped rescue a stuck police van during a blizzard.

The performer – 37-year-old attorney Jason Triplett – then proceeded to walk in the snow, looking like a badass and singing Let It Go.

An extraordinary clip of the incident – which happened in the middle of a snowstorm in Boston – went viral.

This led to Triplett talking to BuzzFeed about his newfound fame, joking that he “wouldn’t go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show unless Adam Rippon was there.”

And now, thanks to the magic of the internet, Rippon has been asked by Entertainment Tonight whether he has a response for the ice queen.

Looking directly at the camera, the bronze medal-winning ice skater said: “They say not all heroes wear capes.

(Entertainment Tonight)

“But sometimes, they do.”

According to reports, the Olympian is set to spearhead a new reality TV show with Ellen DeGeneres.


When Rippon appeared on DeGeneres’ show, he revealed his celebrity crush and told her that being with her on TV was a dream come true.

“I’ve been wanting to be on this show and meet you since – I was born 28 years ago, so maybe for 27 of them, at least, I’ve been wanting to be here, so this – this is it,” he said to applause.

And in an interview with People Magazine yesterday, Rippon spoke about his ambitions for a career in TV.

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

“I want to be on television,” the skater said. “I really like engaging with people, I really like making people laugh.”

Speaking about DeGeneres, he said: “When I was young and coming out, I really looked to her story because I felt like in her career she faced… backlash for coming out and there was a push against her.

“She kept her head down and she worked hard and now she’s one of the most recognisable and beloved people in America.”

The figure skater had a spectacular 2018 Games on and off the ice while becoming – as he put it – “America’s sweetheart.”

He won a bronze medal as Eric Radford was becoming the first ever openly gay man to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics.


Rippon was also embroiled in Sally Field’s attempts to set him up with her son, director Sam Greisman, during the Games.

Watch Rippon’s response here: