Two foster agencies shut down after investigation revealed they do not accept LGBT+ carers

A Philadelphia council has shut down two foster agencies after they were found to be discriminating against LGBT carers.

The two agencies, named Bethany Christian Services and Catholic Social Services have received about $3 million in funding from the city council to arrange the care of foster children.

The funded state-based agencies have been found to discriminate against LGBT+ couples wishing to adopt, have not taken on LGBT carers on their client books, an investigation by The Inquirer has revealed.

A same-sex couple who approached Bethany Christian Services about becoming foster parents were turned away in October.

Catholic Social Services told the Inquirer and Daily News it also does not work with LGBTQ people interested in being foster parents, though it knew of no inquiries from same-sex couples.

However, the 233 children placed with families through the organizations will remain in their homes.

“Our goal is to minimize placement disruptions (moving children between foster homes), and to ensure that a child’s ability to reunify with their family of origin or to continue an adoption process is not delayed because of a placement disruption,” said Department of Human Services Heather Keather.

The department is also reviewing policies of all 26 foster care agencies on their books.

Here in the UK, a recruitment drive to find more foster parents has begun.

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