Grandma goes viral with fantastic comeback to son’s anti-LGBT rant

A grandmother has gone viral after shutting down her son’s complaints about LGBT people.

Twitter user Minovsky explained that his “dad ranted about how LGBTQIA+ identities were getting too confusing to keep up with” – which sounds infuriating and extremely familiar.

After all, we’ve heard those grumbles from people in our lives.


“There are so many sexualities and genders these days,” they moan. “It’s so many letters!”

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This, from the same people who remember the name and penalty record of every England player at the 1990 World Cup.

Thankfully, there are some heroes out there who are ready to take down these whining grouches – and one of them, it turns out, is related to Minovsky.

He explained to Twitter that “my 88-year-old grandma shut him down.”


She reportedly told her son: “The way things are now is better than when people had to hide away or killed themselves because nobody understood who they were.

“Respect costs you nothing.”

Someone, please, drop a mic.

Minovsky added that his grandmother wasn’t perfect, but wanted to understand LGBT identities for the good of those she loves.


“To the ‘I guess woke grandmas are a thing we’re making up now’ quote tweeters,” he wrote.

“I wouldn’t describe my grandma as ‘woke,’ but she’s got bi and trans grandkids, and has been open-minded and willing to learn if it means her family is happy.

“That’s all any of us can really ask for.”


We certainly wouldn’t mind having a grandma like her.

In April, another world-class comeback went viral, this time from a medical school professor.

A student asked: “What if we don’t feel comfortable treating someone following that lifestyle?”

The response was perfect, with the professor telling them: “Find a different career.”


The Twitter user who posted the exchange, @ZachsClubClinic, told PinkNews: “I just thought it was a brilliant way to shut him down.

“I’m originally from Zambia, where homosexuality is illegal, so being in an environment now where a professor can just openly shut someone down like that is relieving in a way.”

He said it felt “weird” but good to go viral, but was glad of the cause.


“This account was made just to get out thoughts and keep in contact with some people, I never really intended it to have anything be popular,” he wrote.

“But I have a transgender cousin so I suppose if I’m gonna go viral, standing by LGBT people is a good reason to.”

He added that the professor in question was “a really cool guy.”